Our seminars can be accessed by Scopia using your own computer/laptop or your local Video-conference facilities. The Research Skills Seminars are available via video-conference through the State-wide Telehealth Service (STS). This means participants are able to watch and listen to the seminar live via their computer, laptop or portable device using Scopia. The Scopia application integrates with the WA Health and is supported technically by STS.

Participants with video-conference facilities are also able to watch the seminar by either dialling in from within the WA Health network or outside the network. Check first if you are in close proximity to a Hosted Site. 

We encourage those that would like to participate online to register through EventBrite as available number of links are limited.


Scopia Application User Guide

Video Conference Instructions

Scopia Application Link
*Please note, clicking on the link may not work. Copy and Paste the URL into your browser if this is the case.

For more information or queries, contact us.

Please note that our current facilities at Princess Margaret Hospital do not allow for questions from participants linking in through Scopia or Video-conferencing. Feel free to email us any questions you have that are not answered during question time at the end of the seminar, and we will forward it to the presenter.