Missed a seminar?

All of our seminars are recorded and made available here a week after the seminar. The video recording and a copy of the seminar resources are available for a period of time. If you would like to view any older seminars, please feel free to contact us for access.

Research Education Program Schedule 2019

Research Governance

Presented 16 November
by A/Prof Sunalene Devadason

Available until 31 Jan

Qualitative Research Methods

Presented 2 November
by Prof Dianne Wynaden

Available until 1 Feb

Statistical Tips for Interpreting Scientific Claims

Presented 26 October
by Dr Julie Marsh

Available until 27 Jan

Involving Aboriginal People in Research

Presented 19 October
by Dr Michael Wright and Glenn Pearson

Available until 18 Jan

Using REDCap for your Data Capture and Management

Presented 12 October
by Telethon Kids Institute Biometrics Team

Available until 12 Jan

Data Collection and Management

Presented 14 September
by A/Prof Sue Skull

Available until 7 Dec

Sample Size Calculations

Presented 7 September
by Dr Julie Marsh

Available until 23 Nov

Media and Communications
How to refine and pitch your message for maximum impact

Presented 24 August
by Elizabeth Chester

Available until 23 Nov