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The Research Skills Seminar Series is part of the Research Education Program, Dept of Child Health Research, Princess Margaret Hospital, WA Department of Health.  The Program offers open-access, free seminars on key topics across the whole research process.  Comprehensive handouts include additional information and resources, along with other known training opportunities.

Seminars are available either face-to-face, or online via hosted video conference sites or individual devices using the Scopia App, and are hosted by the WA Department of Health.

Upcoming Seminars:

Ethics for Research

6 April 2018
Prof Nik Zeps
Group Director of Research, Epworth Health Care, Melbourne
Adjunct Professor, Monash University, Eastern Clinical School

Rapid Critical Appraisal of Scientific Literature

4 May 2018
Assoc. Prof Sue Skull
Head, Research Education Program
Deputy Director, Dept. of Child Health Research, PMH

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